Background of the Owner and Technical Manager: Avard de Leeuw

Born in Holland, Avard gained wide knowledge and worked on farms from a young age. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural, specialising in Economics, Animal Husbandry and Nutrition. Avard immigrated to Australia in 1981 and gained extensive experience working as a independent, agricultural consultant throughout Australia until he joined forces with Interfarms Australia, an International company.

He has in depth knowledge of:

* Farm Management, Methods, Planning and Selection
* Farm Budgeting, Finance, Economics and Systems
* Fertiliser Planning, Crop Rotations and Irrigation Systems
* Climates, Soils, Animal Health and Nutrition

Interfarms Australia began in 1997 through numerous requests of prospective immigrants requiring assistance to settle in Australia and because of Avard’s strong background in Agriculture and knowledge of the country, it was a perfect partnership.

The business has grown due to the high demand of their consulting services and now supports a large number of consultants. In addition to giving support and various immigration services to their agricultural clients, Interfarms Australia also assists farmers and investors both internationally and within Australia with their selection and purchase of an investment or lifestyle property, in some cases providing ongoing management.

Our consultants are well informed with agricultural industries such as dairy, beef cattle, sheep, piggery, poultry, cropping and horticulture. All of these industries offer enormous possibilities in Australia. The broad knowledge available within Interfarms Australia has seen successful settlement of migrants and investors on cropping farms, dairies, piggeries, fruit farms, lifestyle farms, and the development of a mushroom farm.

Interfarms Australia provides management and administrative services for several farms on behalf of investors and investor syndicates. Professional conduct, requests from clients, coupled with a uniquely specialised service and a close working relationship with other Interfarms Consultants located in other countries, has seen the business grow rapidly.

Associated Consultants
From time to time Interfarms Australia works together with other highly professional and experienced consultants in various regions or on specific projects. These projects may range from building design to environmental studies, to specific knowledge of crops or other agricultural pursuits.